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Newton – This charming city touches Boston’s neighborhoods of West Roxbury and Brighton. The city is well-known for its vibrant villages, 13 in total. Each has it’s own distinct feel. While farmlands once dotted the areas surrounding each village center, Newton is now almost entirely developed, having been so for almost a century.

Like most Massachusetts cities and towns, Newton has it’s own public school system, as well as numerous private schools in the nearby vicinity. The city also is the home of multiple centers of higher education, Boston College being the most well-known. The city is served by the MBTA Green Line, a light trolly that can take you in and out of Boston, as well as various buses and the quicker Commuter Rail, popular with daily workers heading into Boston.

Newton’s villages include Auburndale, Newton Centre, Chestnut Hill, Newton Corner, Newton Highlands, Newton Lower Falls, Newton Upper Falls, Newtonville, Nonantum, Oak Hill, Thompsonville, Waban and West Newton. Read about Newton’s villages here.

Newton is where MVP does the most business and is also where all three members of the team currently live. Interested in reading a more in-depth history of Newton? Click here to find out more about Newton’s past and present.

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Brookline – Brookline has a clear city feel to it, even though it is in fact a town. Due to the rectangular shape of the town’s boundaries, the north-eastern half of the town is flanked by Boston in all directions. In fact, parts of the town are only a few hundred feet from the Boston Red Sox’s Fenway Park. However, the south-western part of the town is known for it’s golf courses and quiet country estates, the homes of many celebrities who prefer easy access to Boston but the easy-going life of suburban Massachusetts.

Brookline public schools graduates frequently end up at top schools across the country. The city is served by light rail and numerous bus lines. However, many Brookline residents find that almost everything they need is within walking distance.

Brookline is the birthplace and hometown of John F. Kennedy Jr., the 35th President of the United States.

Weston – Weston is generally considered one of the richest cities in the state, and the country. Through hundreds of years of careful planning and continuous public advocacy, the city has protected hundreds of acres of land for public use. Not surprisingly, Weston’s population density comes out to 650 people per square mile, an incredibly low number. By comparison, Wellesley’s population density is 2,700 people per square mile, while Brookline’s is more than 8,000!

The male graduates of Weston’s lone high school often wear white tuxedos to graduation, instead of the traditional academic dress. Public transportation is limited in Weston, but it is countered by easy access to major highways.

Wellesley – If you blended Newton and Weston together, you would likely come up with a town by the Name of Wellesley. While Wellesley has all of the traditional shops , such as a Whole Foods and a hardware store, the city is also home to two well-known colleges, Wellesley College and Babson College. However, the city also has numerous walking trails and homes set on half acre or larger lots.

Lexington, Needham & Concord – Very similar to Wellesley, but with Commuter Rail access. These towns also host numerous local landmarks such as Walden Pond, made famous by the writings of Henry David Theoreau, and are home to Paul Revere’s famous Midnight Ride!

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