3 Tips When Getting Ready To Sell Your Newton Home

1. Less Furniture Is Better

Many homeowners hope to cover every base and show off everything their rooms could be used for. This might include setting up a children’s play area, coupled with a large tv and a two large couches, all in the same room. While this might accomplish the sellers’ goal of showcasing everything the room could be, the room becomes a jack of all trades, and a master of none.

Above all, having a distinct flow is important in all homes. In other words, buyers should feel there is a defined path when walking from room to room; if they have to step over furniture and kids toys, they will spend more time focusing on their next step, and less on how beautiful the home is.

When it comes to staging a house, less is almost always more.

2. Carefully Review the Offline MLS Information

Your agent will more than likely (and should) provide you with an offline MLS listing sheet if your property. This information is essentially the real estate equivalent of a features sheet for a new car: It contains photos, room descriptions, remarks, showing instructions and much more about your listing. Many people are unaware that this information is fed to numerous websites, such as Zillow and Trulia. If there is misinformation, such as listing three bedrooms when there are four, the effects can be compounded when it is fed through to numerous other platforms.

It is imperative that the information is correct. One of the biggest mistakes is not hiring a professional photographer to take photos of your home. Some agents will simply use their iPhone to take a few photos of the interior of the house. Chances are, if photos do not look enticing, it may turn a buyer off from coming to looking at your property.

3. Check your Open Permits

Very few sellers are told to look into their open permits with the City of Newton Inspectional Services. Whether you are in West Newton, Newton Centre, Auburndale, Newtonville or Newton Corner, or any other Newton village; whenever a permit is pulled for work on your home, it needs to be closed at the completion of renovations. Although sometimes contractors do this, many times they simply neglect to do it.

A simple phone call can sometimes close an open permit, but waiting until the last minute can cause a myriad of problems. Simply put, do not wait for a bank appraiser or buyer to alert you to an open permit a week before closing.

Check your open permits here. Type in your address and see if any of them are marked as “open”.

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